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Old dog looking into the sunsetProviding end-of-life care to Bay Area pets and their owners at home

We are a network of local veterinarians and technicians dedicated to providing compassionate end of life care for companion animals.

We are located in San Francisco but can offer care to clients throughout the Bay Area. While most of our patients are dogs and cats, we are available to assist with nearly any species.

Our goal is to prevent the pain and suffering that can be associated with passing and provide the most stress free end-of-life experience possible. We can also assist with after care, cremation, or burial if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We also assist with home hospice care.

Home Hospice is available by referral from your regular veterinarian. This includes regular home visits by our doctors and experienced support staff, and allows for monitoring and maintaining your pet's quality of life in an optimal environment. Home hospice eliminates the stress of travel to and from the vet's office for end-of-life medical treatments. Refering to the "Quality of Life Scorecard" can help make decisions as to the success of hospice care for your pet.

Home euthanasia allows your pet to pass in familiar surroundings and provides the least stressful final arrangements possible. We also provide body removal and cremation services if needed.

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We are available after hours and for emergency care

Please call us for more information: (415) 665-1340